Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds: Delish!


Ozery Bakery’s Cranberry Orange Morning Round Breads

There’s a new favorite food around my house. We are absolutely obsessed with Ozery Bakery’s Morning Rounds. Have you heard of them, better yet, have you eaten one? One bite and you will totally be hooked – we all were in this house. So far we have eaten two out of the three flavors – we ate the Cranberry Orange first and I thought no way could I like the Apple Cinnamon any better, I was wrong. I loved them equally. They have no fake ingredients, are a healthy choice and are so versatile. Here’s a blurb directly from their website with more detail about their amazing little products. We honestly usually heat them in the toaster oven and serve with a little butter and honey or peanut/almond butter. They are pure goodness!


You can even use Ozery Morning Rounds to make French Toast – they didn’t last that long in our house, but next batch, I will certainly make some.

     Start your day off right with Morning Rounds, the fruit and grain bun that will make you want to ditch those unhealthy doughnuts, muffins and pastries. We only put in what’s delicious, like pieces of real apples, whole oats and seeds. With Morning Rounds, breakfast and snacks are a no-brainer—the hardest part is choosing one out of our three delicious flavors.

     Morning Rounds are crafted with care in small batches, and contain absolutely nothing artificial.

Morning Rounds
contain no artificial preservatives. If you don’t eat them by the “best by” date, FREEZE for freshness. HEAT in the oven at 400° F for ONE MINUTE for fresh-baked flavor, or THAW at room temperature to enjoy later.


Comment below – I’d love to know what you think about them, their sweet little company or if you want to know where you can find them.

Blog of Note I HAD to Share


A sweet neighborhood mom friend of mine wrote this post regarding Mother’s Day and the truth behind what most mothers feel. I absolutely loved it and couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you Robin for writing such a poignant piece on the reality of what Mother’s Day should mean. Love, love, love it!

Her original post can be seen here, but I copied her article because I couldn’t wait to share it. Go show her some love. ~Kat


The Mother’s Day Secret

My goal for motherhood is fairly simple:  I want my children to walk through life secure in the knowledge that they are precious and loved.  A child who feels love gives love to others.  Teens who know their worth can say no to peer pressure when I’m not around.  A young person will have the courage to really go after their dreams.  An adult will do the hard, but right, thing and raise their own family with love.  An on it goes…

But I knew all that before I had kids.  What I didn’t know was how incredibly easy is to love your children.  How that love can overwhelm you in weirdest places – church Christmas pageants, swim lessons, the restroom of Target.  Usually the most public and embarrassing places possible.  I will just tear up, and my kids will look at me all worried, and they too young to explain that I am overwhelmed at the simple joy of them.  The very fact of their sweet existences.

Is every moment like that? No, of course not.  Do I get frustrated, stumped, and tired by them?  Lord yes.  But I get why older people always swoon over my kids.  Because I have feeling you forget all that.  And, if you do remember the hard stuff when you get older, I think it becomes inconsequential.  Because all those teary-eyed moments were the good stuff.  The stuff we hang onto.  I think that’s what they mean by their admonishments to cherish these years.

And I do.

Before I met my husband and had my kids, I wished for them.  On every penny I threw into a fountain.  On every star.  At every birthday.  And here they are today knocking themselves out to give me the perfect Mother’s Day, complete with enough quiet time to write this post.  While I do love and certainly appreciate all the little gifts of Mother’s Day, the fact that this day is mine to celebrate at all is what makes it for me.  That I have the responsibility of loving each of them is my gift.

That’s the secret of all mothers, I think.  The depth of our love is really known only to us, no matter how much or how many ways we try to convey that love to our children.  They will never really know or understand why we started crying when they sang, or clapped, or pooped in that Target potty.  How that was our good stuff.  But mostly they don’t know how their love filled us up so as mothers we suddenly became women secure in the knowledge that we were precious and loved, how amazing it was, and how they did it naturally – without any goal-setting at all.

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Incredible Poem: “To My Grown-Up Son”

I came across this poem and it was bittersweet, inspiring and a bit heartbreaking at the same time. I think it speaks to women of any day and age, maybe more so in our time when we let busyness rule our lives.

To My Grown-Up Son

My hands were busy through the day

I didn’t have much time to play

The little games you asked me to,

I didn’t have much time for you.

I’d wash your clothes, I’d sew and cook,

But when you’d bring your picture book

And asked me please to share your fun,

I’d say, “A little later, Son.”

I’d tuck you in all safe at night

And hear your prayers, turn out the light,

Then tiptoe softly to the door…

I wish I’d stay a minute more.

For life is short, the years rush past…

A little boy grows up so fast.

No longer is he at your side,

His precious secrets to confide.

The picture books are put away,

There are no longer games to play,

No good-night kiss, no prayers to hear,

That all belongs to yesteryear.

My hands, once busy, now are still.

The days are long and hard to fill.

I wish I could go back and do

The little things you asked me to!

-Author Unknown

How did we go from this?


To this?


Let me know what you think.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Happy Mother’s Day from me, Blondie and the Dude!

Mother's Day 2013 copy

(Please don’t judge my lack of make-up, we just spent the weekend camping. :))


My Newest Challenge for 2013!

     I was inspired by my friend and fellow mommy blogger, Elizabeth, over at Flourish in Progress, she initially began blogging when she challenged herself not to shop for one year! Wow, I know she cheated at least once, but talk about will power. The other night my friend, Lea Ann of Mommy’s Wish List and I discussed not necessarily giving up shopping for a year, but what about only re-purposing or buying only gently used items. Well, we are in the process of getting bids to add on to our home, so I am not sure how “green” I can be as far as that is concerned, but I am certainly willing to give it a try and if not my other spending expenditures can help buy/save for the said furniture/furnishings in the new spaces.

     So far, I have re-purposed antique picture frames for several gallery areas in my home, re-painted used furniture, made a chalkboard from an old framed piece, I decorated my son’s room almost entirely from antique, re-purposed or collectible items – I will say, linens, bedding, drapery must be new – I can’t handle anything fabric that must be touched on a daily basis to be used. I bought used or donated items to re-decorate a living room wall (before and after pictures to come) and found many other delightful goodies inside the walls of the resale places. Why buy new when so many great used items or to be found?

Another example – just after Christmas I won a handbag, yes, I know, I won, from the SITS girls, 12 Days of Christmas! I thought “how fantastic”! About a month passed, when I learned the product I had won was on back order and they asked if I would rather have the cash value and buy my own handbag. I did just that. Here I went again – I hopped on eBay – spied the perfect, very gently used, handbag purchased it and still have 1 cent left over. So, of course I am sure this challenge won’t be easy, but in an effort to not spend so much, not waste so much and be a better steward of the resources God has a afforded me – I will continue to look to resale, eBay, Craigslist and other places to find incredible items at incredible prices. I will keep you in the loop as I travel on this journey! I cannot wait to see where it may lead! I will continue to post updates, have show and tell of what I’ve created and what I’ve learned in the process! Help encourage me and others to try doing this challenge as well.

    I initially thought – I’ll try for a week, then I’ll try for a month – now, I think I just need to give it a go for the remainder of 2013 – what do you think? Anyone interested in joining me?

Well, well, well… Is this your first rodeo?

What I feel like most days (no disrespect to the lady pictured above…)

     Let me start by saying, I’ve blogged for as long as I knew it was called blogging, but now things are changing. This isn’t my first rodeo, friends. I live a wild and crazy life – I drive an SUV filled with carseats and booster seats, I over commit, over do it and often run out of time.  So, welcome to my ride – I am a usually Type A, overachiever with ADD (un medicated) – try that on for size – not easy. Most of the books on my shelf have a bookmark in them half way through, my office gets destroyed weekly to be re-organized and I pile on much more than I can ever carry. I have a dry sense of humor and sometimes the maturity of a 12 year old boy. Don’t ask on that one and I will apologize now for offending someone – it isn’t usually an “if” and more of a “when”. Here goes nothing – or a whole lot of something, however you chose to take it. I want to blog about life, love, parenting, crafting, fashion and so many of things in life we all love or chose to ignore.

Hope you join me on this fun and crazy ride called life and blogging all about it. I’m inspired – how ’bout you?

Me at my best – not everyday! HA!


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